Stoos Connect! 2013

Reflecting on leadership in organizations today, we find ourselves in a bit of a mess. We see reliance on linear, mechanistic thinking, companies focusing more on stock price than delighting customers, and knowledge workers whose voices are ignored by the bosses who direct them. All these factors are reflected in the current economic crisis, increased inequity, bankruptcies and widespread disillusionment.

There has to be a better way.

We believe that we uncovered some of the common characteristics of that better way. For example, that organizations can become learning networks of individuals creating value and that the role of leaders should include the stewardship of the living rather than the management of the machine.

- Stoos Communique

It’s time for the next step in facilitating the tipping point in a radical shift in management thinking. After the initial Stoos meeting, which unsurprisingly took place in Stoos (Switzerland) in January 2012, we had the very successful Stoos Stampede. The first Stampede was held in ‘De Rode Hoed’ in Amsterdam in the summer of 2012. There, many leaders and change agents gathered to talk management and leadership. Also, the foundations for the Dutch Stoos Satellite were laid.

Stoos Connect! is is that next step. In celebration of World Stoos Day the Stoos Satellite Netherlands will organise the Stoos Connect in Amsterdam, just like the Stampede. But, in contrast with the Stampede, the entire world can be audience to this fantastic event. We will set up live multimedia streaming so anyone, anywhere, can watch the sessions. This is exactly why this event is called Stoos Connect!

During this sizzling day, we will offer lightning talks from a wide spectrum of well respected thought leaders such as Steve Denning, Jurgen Appelo, Niels Pflaeging, Franz Röösli and Dawna Jones. They will make you think, inspire you and tantalize you. If you’re involved in (or impacted by) management in any way, you should attend. Open your mind and be inspired!