Joe Justice

“We have found team morale to be a multiplier for velocity.”

“The Agile Manifesto applies to all industries. When we read it and its 12 principles, and switch each mention of “software” with “customer visible value”, we have an elegant methodology that applies to all business.”

Joe Justice is a Seattle-area agile business process consultant and entreprenerd. Joe Justice founded and has grown WIKISPEED, a company building 100+ mpg, modular commuter cars using Agile process, to a multinational business in 20+ countries, and now applies Agile methodologies to reduce time-to-value in social good projects such as polio vaccine distribution and low-cost medical centers for developing communities. Joe Justice consults on behalf of SolutionsIQ to realize the benefits of agile services in non-software-centered verticals such as scientific R&D, oil, entertainment, manufacturing, food service, hospitality, health care, transportation, government, merger management, and education.
Joe has spoken to audiences at TEDx, Denver University, University of California Berkley, Google, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rotary International, and others about social web application development, project methodology, and agile best practices.

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Title: Agile HR

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